National Wheelchair Basketball Association

2024 NWBA High Performance Player Application


Athlete Selection Procedures

Click here to access the full Athlete Selection Procedures document.


Deadline to submit this Application is outlined in the full timeline below.

1. Review the Athlete Selection Procedures (linked above).

2. Prepare documentation needed for this Application:

  • Basic Info (Name, Gender, Date of birth, etc.)
  • Contact Info (Address, Email, Phone, etc.)
  • Biographical Info (Height, Weight, etc.)
  • Player Experience Info (Team, Coach Name/Email, Awards, Upload Videos, etc.)
  • Equipment & Apparel (Wheelchair Dimensions, Apparel Sizing, etc.)
  • Travel Info (Preferred Airports, etc.)
  • Documentation (Upload copy of Passport and Driver's License)
  • Emergency & Medical Info (Contact, Physician Info, Allergies, etc.)

3. Click the 'Continue' button at the bottom of this page to begin this Application.
Note: This application through SportsEngine will require individuals to log-in or create an account. 

4. Have/Submit a 2023-2024 NWBA Adult or Junior Athlete Membership Registration.
Note: The NWBA Member Registration will require completion of SafeSport Training or proof of current Training Certificate.

5. Have IWBF Classification Sport Class Status of 'C' or 'FDR' after December 31, 2024 OR Submit IWBF Classification Stage 1 documents. Reference IWBF Classification Masterlist:
Note: IWBF Requirements outline that players must have an international sport class status of C-Confirmed or FRD-Fixed Review Date with a review date after 31 December 2024 in order to be eligible to participate in the Paralympic Games:

Important Process and Schedule Information

Submitting an Application is a REQUIREMENT as outlined in the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games Athlete Selection Procedures.


  • High Performance Player Application deadline: November 3, 2023
  • Team Selection Committee to Review Applications and Invitations sent to Athletes: by November 7, 2023
  • Invited Athletes must accept or decline by November 27, 2023
  • Confirmed Invited Athletes must arrange travel (book flight, confirm drive plans, etc.) and submit travel plan to Team Leader: before December 18, 2023

Timeline Note: Please note that this timeline is intended to accommodate the 'unknowns'--at the time of this publication:
(1) Team (USA) has not yet qualified a slot for the Games, and
(2) IWBF international classification opportunities are not yet confirmed.

Invitation Note: All athletes invited to the Try-out Camp will be responsible to arrange and pay for their own travel cost to/from the host site. Housing, food, and ground transportation (if needed) will be provided for all athletes invited to Camp(s).

Tentative Schedule: Reference Pages 3 and 6/7 of the 2024 Paralympic Games Athlete Selection Procedures

  • Men's Team Try Out Camp = January 3-7, 2024 at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center - Colorado Springs, CO (CSOPTC)
  • Women's Team = January/February 2024 (dates and location are TBD)

Team Qualification Note: The (IWBF required) team qualification slot has not yet been allocated--USA will attempt to secure that slot through the 2023 Parapan American Games and/or Repechage Tournament(s).  Additional details regarding the Qualification Process for Paris 2024 Paralympic Games can be found in the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games Athlete Selection Procedures or by visiting:

Questions? Contact David Greig

NWBA High Performance Committee Chair

Phone: 509-850-6858

Questions? Contact Gail Gaeng

NWBA Athlete Advisory Council Chair

Phone: 301-792-7034