National Wheelchair Basketball Association

2020-21 Event Sanction Application


This registration session will allow you to complete the NWBA Event Sanction Application. The following information is required to submit the application:

1) Event Details

  • Event Name, Event Director and Event Dates

2) Proposed Location Information

  • Proposed Event Location and Point of Contact

3) Competition Information

  • Divisions and Tournament Designation Request

The above information is required to add your event to the NWBA Events Calendar on the NWBA official website as an “Unsanctioned” event.  To update your event to the required “Sanctioned” event status, you must submit an updated application with further information included.  For assistance in editing your registration entry, click here and follow the steps provided.  The additional information required to update the status of your event to a “Sanctioned” event includes:

1) Confirmed Venue Information

  • Point of Contact, Location and Amenities

2) Insurance

  • Copy of Certificate of Insurance if not requested insurance from NWBA; NWBA must be listed as additionally insured.
  • COVID-19 Hold Harmless Waiver

3) Additional Competition Information

  • Team Fees, Services to Teams, Event Flyer, Event Registration Form, Event Logo

4) Officials and Volunteers

  • Name of Head Official, Services to Officials and Volunteers

5) Documents & Communication

  • Flyer, Registration Form, Logo, Website, Social Media, Emergency Response Plan

We understand arrangements may not be finalized at this time, however, try to make your application as detailed as possible. If your event is approved, consistently update logistics and add new information to your event on the official NWBA events calendar. Application fees are fully refunded for events that are not hosted.  

An Event Sanction Application must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the start of an event to provide full consideration as an NWBA sanctioned event. Events submitted 14 days or less prior to the start of an event may incur a $200 fine and not be approved as an NWBA sanctioned event.  If your event status is "Unsanctioned," you must submit an updated application at least 15 days prior to the start of your event for the opportunity to change your event status to "Sanctioned." 

Once you have submitted your application, please allow 3-5 business days for it to be reviewed and approved. A copy of the submitted applications will be automatically sent to NWBA staff and leadership for consideration of an NWBA sanctioned event.

The Event Resource Guide is available in the NWBA Resource Center at The Event Resource Guide will include information on executing event operations, training materials for table officials and a communication plan for an event.

The 2020-21 Event Sanction Application is only valid for NWBA events held prior to September 1, 2021.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Brandon McBeain

Director of Membership Services and Programs

Phone: (719) 266-4082 ext. 108