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1. Review the Categories and Criteria included below.

2. Gather required information - three letters of endorsement, nominee's contact details, achievements, affiliated teams, photo, etc.

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There are two categories of individuals eligible for induction into the NWBA Hall of Fame.

A. Competitors
This category includes NWBA players who, by virtue of their unique and singular achievements as players, are deserving of nomination and induction into the Hall of Fame.

B. Contributors
This category includes individuals with or without disability, who by virtue of their impact and long-term contributions to the growth, support and advancement of wheelchair basketball are deserving of nomination and induction into the Hall of Fame.


A. Competitors

1. Individuals must have competed no less than 10 years in the adult divisions of the NWBA.
2. Must be retired from play or near retirement from elite competition (may continue to compete in D3/recreational division)
3. Membership on USA National Teams and/or recognized as an elite player of national caliber on NWBA teams.
4. Has earned International and Paralympic medals or NWBA awards i.e., NWBA championships, MVPs, All tournament teams
5. Acknowledged elite and exceptional skills at the players level of functional capacity.
6. Must be considered to have strong character while exhibiting sportsmanship and team play.
7. Contributions beyond individual play and competition that have made the sport and NWBA better.

B. Contributors

1. Individuals must have served a minimum of 15 years in service to the NWBA i.e. administrator, board member, committee leader, game official, classifier, team leader/manager or other role making relevant contribution.
2. Individual contributions to the community and sport of wheelchair basketball at the local, national and/or international level that have made the sport and the NWBA better.
3. Must be considered to have strong character while exhibiting teamwork in the service role or roles identified.
4. Has made strong contributions in their roles that have positively impacted the NWBA and its players over a 15-year minimum period of service.

Hall of Fame Questions?

Please contact:

David Kiley

NWBA Hall of Fame Committee Chair