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2024 NWBA National Championship Series Team Registration - Adult/Junior/Womens/Military


No payment is collected during this Registration for the 2024 NWBA National Championship Series. Payment will be required once a team receives an invitation at a later date.

2024 NWBA National Championship Series Team Registration - Adult/Junior/Women's/Military

All teams interested in attending the 2024 NWBA National Championship Series in the Adult Division (DI, DII or DIII), Junior Division (Prep or Varsity), Women's Division and Military Division are required to complete this Team Registration session.

This registration must be submitted before Monday, February 26 at 11:59 PM (MST) for all teams. This registration session is an electronic submission of a postseason application for all teams in Junior Division, Women's Division,  Military Division and Adult Division hoping to attend their respected national tournament in 2024. 

Intercollegiate (W)
March 7-9; University of Alabama

Intercollegiate (M)
March 14-16; Southwest Minnesota State University

Junior Division
April 5-7; Richmond, VA

- NWBA Prep Wheelchair Basketball National Championships

- NWBA Varsity Wheelchair Basketball National Championships

- NWBA Varsity Invitational Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

Adult Division
April 12-14; Richmond, VA

- NWBA Adult Division I Wheelchair Basketball National Championships

-NWBA  Adult Division II Wheelchair Basketball National Championships

-NWBA Adult Division III Wheelchair Basketball National Championships

Women's and Military Divisions
April 26-28, Turnstone Center for Children & Adult with Disabilities, Fort Wayne, IN

- NWBA Women's Wheelchair Basketball National Championships

- NWBA Military Wheelchair Basketball National Championships

Teams completing this a postseason application are not guaranteed an invitation to the 2024 NWBA National Championship Series . Qualifications for postseason play were previously announced and can be found under "Post Season & Registration Deadlines" at

The NWBA Board of Directors announced on November 1, 2023, team fees for the 2024 NWBA National Championships, click here to read that announcement and details. No payment of team fees will be required to completed this registration.

Invitations will be accompanied with an invoice or payment method for applicable tournament registration fees. Payment for invoices must be received by dates listed in invitation letters. Invoices will be received via email with invitation letter. Further information will be provided when available.

Please visit for more information on the 2024 NWBA National Championship Series.

Registration Information

The following information should be obtained prior to beginning or available when completing Team Registration for the 2022 NWBA Toyota National Championship Series:

Team Information

  • Contact Info for Invoice (Name, Phone, Email)
  • Invoice Info for Registration Fees  (Name and Address)
  • Team Selection & Division
  • Head Coach Info (Name, Phone and Email)
  • Team Representative Info (Name, Phone and Email)
  • Team Photo
  • Means of Team Transportation (Flying or Driving)

Roster Certification - signature approval for all

  • Player Variables are Correct (uniform, name, gender and T-shirt size)
  • Player Classification is Correct (Classification and Status)

Schedule Certification - signature approval for all

  • All game results posted on NWBA website are correct

Postseason Application

  • Conference Info (Name, Team Order Finish, W-L)
  • Overall Wins and Loses
  • Rank Teams Played in Order - dropdown option will be available
  • Upcoming Games Scheduled (allowing Executive Committee to fully consider your application)
  • Season Narrative

This is an editable registration, which allows users to edit their own registration results after they have completed the registration.